Automotive Oils & Lubricants


Founded in Germany over 50 years ago, Liqui-Moly is one of Europe’s leading brands of high quality lubricants and fuel & oil additives. Working closely with many of the world’s best car makers our products are developed, tested and certified to the exacting standards you would expect of a leading German manufacturer. Liqui-Moly formulations are ideal for prestige, performance, muscle and classic cars as well as 4WD’s and competition engines.

Our range of oils include:

Liqui-Moly Leichtlauf - Special LL 5W-30 is a modern multi-purpose low-friction motor oil developed according to the latest technology. Unconventional base oils based on HC synthetic technology were combined with the most modern additive technology. Guarantees optimal cleanliness, reduces frictional loss in the engine and provides outstanding protection against wear. The results are savings in fuel and an extended service life for the engine. 

Liqui-Moly Synth oil Race Tech GT1 10W-60 is Engineered to select factory requirements and high performance applications requiring a high level of thermal stability.

With a large range of products for sale come in and see us today about finding the right oils and lubricants for your vehicle.